Driving Lessons Loughborough

Today, on my first attempt I passed my driving test, picking up 4 minors

Having no previous driving experience Garry taught me from scratch, helped and supported me throughout my lessons.

Whenever I made an error he would tell me what I did/didn't do in a calm and understanding manner, this was always very reassuring as it helped prevent 'panic mode. ' Recapping at the start and end was always very useful as we could focus on my weaknesses and my strengths.

Garry had very good diagrams with maps of the local roundabouts, junctions and test roads. As well as this his knowledge of the area was exceptional, for example knowing the order of traffic lights in certain places which was always very helpful.

Garry was always very professional, turning up early, running over time and dressing formally.

I would most certainly recommend Garry as a Driving Instructor for anybody looking to learn due to his teaching ability, knowledge and professionalism.

Niall McClelland of Loughborough

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