Driving Lessons Loughborough

I would like to highly recommend anyone who wants to learn driving to choose Garry as your instructor, and you will have an enjoyable learning experience

I would like to give my great thanks to him, Garry Needham, my respectable driving instructor.

As a foreigner, I clearly understand how hard it is to learn driving in the UK. During this period, Garry provided enough patience and encouraging words to help me improving my driving skills. I think the best experience of learning driving with Garry is that he gave me many comments at the end of each lesson and provided dozens of essential paper documents for a new learner to read through.

Whenever I made errors, he explained in a calm manner and encouraged me to do it better in the next try.

Garry has a fantastic teaching vehicle, Citroen DS 3, with high specs. The sessions price is reasonable and truly worth it.

Beichen Ding of Dalian, China

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