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Are you looking for driving lessons in Loughborough? Pass your driving test quickly and easily in Loughborough with a fully qualified Loughborough instructor. Whether you have just turned 17 and looking for your first driving lessons in Loughborough or already have some previous driving experience, I can help steer you towards successfully passing your Loughborough driving test.

With Garry Needham Driving Tuition you get ALL of this as standard...

  • Course handouts: FREE handouts will help you to learn quicker.
  • FREE learning to drive apps and online training.
  • Electronic progress report to help you keep a check on your progress.
  • Fast track or easy pace driving lessons in Loughborough to fit your needs.
  • Flexible pick up and drop off points.
  • Free door to door service.
  • Full 1, 1.5 or 2 hour driving lessons in Loughborough.
  • No car sharing - we are dedicated to you.
  • Discounts on all block bookings.
  • Punctuality guarantee - no lesson charge if we arrive more than 5 minutes late without prior warning.
  • We guarantee that no one ever smokes in our cars.
  • We guarantee that you will always get the full lesson time that you pay for.

​The Top Five Reasons Why Pupils Choose Garry Needham Driving Tuition.

  1. High 1st time pass rate
  2. Great local customer reviews
  3. Local reputation
  4. Highly recommended
  5. Very patient instructor

Our Pass Promise

While no driving school can guarantee you will pass your practical driving test first time, Garry Needham Driving Tuition can make assurances that in the unlikely event that you do not pass first time, we'll cover the cost of your DVSA driving test fee for your 2nd attempt.

There are some stipulations that we do insist upon, but even these are put in place to help you learn properly and become a safe driver.

  • You will need to pass your theory test within 8 weeks of joining the driving school.
  • The average number of hours taken to pass the driving test is 47, but we ask you to take a minimum of 40 hours training with us, that is almost 20% less.
  • You must take a 2 hour lesson every week, any missed lessons you will have to make up.
  • Prior to taking your first driving test you will have passed a mock driving test and have completed your learning to drive syllabus.
  • In the unlikely event that you fail your first driving test you will need to take a minimum of 6 hours remedial lessons.

If you meet this criteria and fail your first driving test, Garry Needham Driving Tuition will cover your DVSA driving test fee for your 2nd attempt, currently £62.00 (weekday test).


All driving lessons will be taken in our Ford Fiesta ( 2017 model ) 1.0 Litre petrol engine with manual transmission.


The car is fully equipped with dual controls, ABS brakes, power steering and air conditioned to help you feel cool and comfortable.

You will benefit from fully structured driving lessons, affordable block booking discounts and friendly professional driving tuition from a fully qualified driving instructor with over 16 years experience.

You will also benefit from my very impressive pass rate but don't just take my word for it, read all my local customer reviews.

I provide a range of driving courses to suit all abilities including:


Beginners Driving Lessons

Part Trained Driving Lessons

Confidence Building Driving Lessons

Test Rescue Driving Lessons

Pass Plus & Motorway Driving Lessons






Driving lessons that start and finish in Loughborough can be taken as 1, 1½ or 2 hour sessions, driving lessons that start and or finish outside of Loughborough must be taken as a minimum of 2 hour sessions. Pass plus & motorway driving lessons must be taken as a minimum of 2 hour sessions.

Beginners driving lessons, these are suitable for the complete beginner with no previous driving experience.


Part trained driving lessons, if you already have some previous driving experience you don't want to start from scratch again so this course will start with an initial assessment to find your current level and continue from there.


Confidence building driving lessons, this course is suitable for the full licence holder that has maybe not driven for a few years and needs help to build up their confidence again.


Test rescue driving lessons, just failed your driving test? this course is for you, it will focus on the items that resulted in you failing your previous test and help you to put things right ready for your next test. The driving test is not that hard to pass and with good quality training you will be able to pass. Lesson one is an assessment of your driving which turns into your first corrective driving lesson. At the end of the first training session you will have a plan to complete your training and be a confident, prepared driver.


Pass plus driving lessons, congratulations you've passed your driving test. Be honest, how many different types of road and weather conditions have you driven in? Pass plus will take you through driving in town, on rural roads, in all weathers, on dual carriageways, on motorways and driving in the dark.


Book your first driving lesson today, call us on 01509 234961 and get on the road to driving test success.

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