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Your driving lessons after coronavirus (COVID - 19) lockdown.

The recent announcements from the government have been a clear reminder that COVID-19 is still very present in our lives and that we must all stay focused on limiting the spread as much as possible. I know that safety remains a key priority for all my pupils and I want to reassure you that I will continue to do all I can to keep you safe, as well as let you know about some additional measures that I have introduced to offer an enhanced level of protection.

Immediately before and after each driving lesson or test all touch sufaces will be cleaned. This will include door handles (inside and out), seats, seat adjustment controls, seat belt including buckle and clasp, window and door mirror controls, steering wheel and adjustment controls, indicator and wiper control stalks, gear lever and parking brake, interior mirrors, bonnet catch (internal), bonnet catch (external) and bonnet touch points including bonnet prop, sat nav and all other controls, switches, keys etc that you may come into contact with will all be cleaned with suitable wipes or sprays.

At the end of each working week the car will undergo a deep clean, this will include removal of all items from inside the car including floor mats, glove box and door pockets emptied etc. The interior will then be cleaned and sanitised and all removed items cleaned and sanitised before being returned to the car.

I will arrive early at the agreed pick up point in order to clean the car before your lesson start time. (You will still receive the full lesson duration that you pay for, the cleaning will be completed in my own time).

All cleaning will be completed using suitable antiviral wipes / sprays.


Please ensure you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds just before leaving your home and meet me outside the car at your allotted lesson start time, keeping two metres away until I call you over.

I will ask you several questions and take your temperature with a non contact forehead thermometer. 

If you are showing any coronavirus symptoms, your lesson will be cancelled with no charge.

You will need to bring your own personal protective equipment, a face mask is mandatory during your lessons and nylon or latex type gloves recommended. If you want to wear gloves, put them on just before you get into the car and then sanitise your hands again, you can use your own gel or I will have some in the car. Wash your hands again immediately after your lesson.


Please wear clothing that covers as much of your body as possible, long sleeve shirts, full length trousers etc. Definitely no T-SHIRTS / SHORTS and no OPEN- TOED SHOES.

Any personal possessions that you bring, keys, phone etc will need to be kept in your own pockets or placed in the provided container in the boot of the car. Please keep personal belongings to a minimum.



Passing your driving test in Loughborough is quick and easy with Garry Needham Driving Tuition, a fully qualified Loughborough driving instructor. Whether you have just turned 17 and looking for your first driving lessons in Loughborough or already have some previous driving experience, I can guarantee you will get to drive the car on your 1st driving lesson.

If your a complete beginner to driving I would highly recommend that your 1st driving lesson is a two hour session, this will ensure that you have time to learn the basics before starting to drive the car.

All driving lessons will be taken in our Ford Fiesta 1.0 Litre petrol engine with manual transmission and dual controls as standard.

With Garry Needham Driving Tuition you get ALL of this as standard...

  • FREE lesson debrief notes.
  • FREE learning to drive apps and online training.
  • Electronic progress report to help you keep a check on your progress.
  • Fast track or easy pace driving lessons in Loughborough to fit your needs.
  • Flexible pick up and drop off points.
  • Free door to door service.
  • Full 1, 1.5 or 2 hour driving lessons in Loughborough.
  • Intensive driving courses available - subject to a minimum of 4 weeks notice.
  • No car sharing - we are dedicated to you.
  • Generous discounts given on all block bookings.
  • Punctuality guarantee - no lesson charge if we arrive more than 5 minutes late without prior warning.
  • We guarantee that no one ever smokes in our cars.
  • We guarantee that you will always get the full lesson time that you pay for.
  • Coming soon - Exclusively for my pupils, FREE online video tutorials.


Call us today on 01509 234961 and get on the road to your freedom and independence in 2020.

The training car is fully equipped with dual controls, ABS brakes, power steering and air conditioned to help you feel cool and comfortable.

You will benefit from fully structured driving lessons, generous block booking discounts and friendly professional driving tuition from a fully qualified driving instructor with over 17 years experience.

You will also benefit from my very impressive pass rate but don't just take my word for it, read all my local customer reviews.

I provide a range of driving courses to suit all abilities including:


Beginners Driving Lessons

Part Trained Driving Lessons

Confidence Building Driving Lessons

Test Rescue Driving Lessons

Pass Plus & Motorway Driving Lessons






Driving lessons that start and finish in Loughborough can be taken as 1, 1½ or 2 hour sessions, driving lessons that start and or finish outside of Loughborough must be taken as a minimum of 2 hour sessions. Pass plus & motorway driving lessons must be taken as a minimum of 2 hour sessions regardless of start / finish locations.

Beginners driving lessons, these are suitable for the complete beginner with no previous driving experience.


Part trained driving lessons, if you already have some previous driving experience you don't want to start from scratch again so this course will start with an initial assessment to find your current level and continue from there.


Confidence building driving lessons, this course is suitable for the full licence holder that has maybe not driven for a few years and needs help to build up their confidence again.


Test rescue driving lessons, just failed your driving test? this course is for you, it will focus on the items that resulted in you failing your previous test and help you to put things right ready for your next test. The driving test is not that hard to pass and with good quality training you will be able to pass. Lesson one is an assessment of your driving which turns into your first corrective driving lesson. At the end of the first training session you will have a plan to complete your training and be a confident, prepared driver.


Pass plus driving lessons, congratulations you've passed your driving test. Be honest, how many different types of road and weather conditions have you driven in? Pass plus will take you through driving in town, on rural roads, in all weathers, on dual carriageways, on motorways and driving in the dark.


Call us today on 01509 234961 or email us at info@garryneedham.co.uk and book your driving lessons.

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