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Driving lessons Loughborough - Getting Started


Before you can legally start learning to drive on public roards you must be in possession of a valid UK provisional driving licence. 

You should apply for your first provisional driving licence online or by completing a D1 application form, which is available from the DVLA form ordering service or from most main UK post offices. You must be a resident of Great Britain and meet the minimum requirements for age and eyesight.

Click this link to view information about the minimum age requirements.


Click on this link to view information about the standards of vision for driving.


The completed application form should be sent to DVLA, you will also need to include original documents to confirm your identity, a colour passport style photograph and the current fee.

You can apply for your provisional driving licence up to three months before your 17th birthday but it will only be valid when you actually reach your 17th birthday. You will not be able to take driving lessons on a public road or take your theory test until then.



Please ensure you hold a current valid provisional driving licence before contacting us to arrange driving lessons.

You will need to supply proof to us that your driving licence is valid and that you are legally allowed to drive. Driving lessons will only be confirmed after we have completed our licence checks.

Please ensure we receive any requested information within 24 hours of making a driving lesson booking, failure to do so could result in your driving  lesson being cancelled. 

Once we have received the information and completed our licence checks you will receive an email confirming your booking. If you haven't received a confirmation email from us within 48 hours of sending the licence information, Please contact us to check that we had received your information as occasionally emails go astray.

Please use the DVLA's online licence checking service to get a licence check code.

Please follow these simple steps to get a licence check code.

Click on this link to view your driving licence information held on the official GOV.UK website.


Then enter your driving licence number, national insurance number and postcode.

Then click the ''Share your licence information'' button.

Then click the ''Create a code'' button.

The code is only valid for 21 days.

Licence check codes are case sensitive. Please double check you have all the correct information.

Please email the code to us along with the last 8 characters of your driving licence number.

Need further help? Call us on 01509 234961 or email us at info@garryneedham.co.uk



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